Sunday, June 12, 2011

Aroma REFLEXOLOGY to make your FEET & Body HAPPY!!!!!!

SPECIAL PRICING $$$$65   reg.$85
60 minute session
What is Aroma Energetics Reflexology?
Foot Reflexology is a focused pressure technique.
There are zones and reflex points
that relate to all of the relative
organs, parts of the body, glands & the 7 major Chakras systems
of the the body.

Aromatherapy oils are used to relax your senses.
Lavendar, Lotus flower & Lemon. Just relax it is your time for yourself..
Reflexology is not just a foot massage!
It is used today to address real health problems.
It is used holistically
with patient's ailments or disorder.

Such as
Anxiety, Hypertension, PMS, Headaches,
Pain & Stress.
Less STRESS equals relaxation.
During the treatment only your
socks &  shoes are removed.
Warm moist towels will be wrapped around yur feet.
There is soft music playing.
This will induce a peacefulness while your therapy
is being received.
You will seat in a specially designed chair
 where your back, neck &
 feet are slightly elevated.
All you need to do is just relax for a full hour
of rejuvenation for your body, mind & Spirit
call for an appt. 630-717-9889
200 N. Washington St. #100A
Naperville, Il. 60540