Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Two-hour Massage workshop

Two-hour Massage workshop
Special time together
special $150  reg. $175
connect with each other and
have some FUN!
It is a great way to De-Stress

with someone

This workshop
is designed for you. 

Want to learn relaxing techniques?
or how to get rid of those aching muscles?
call 630-717-9889
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Ruth Stout Lmt   over 20 years in Naperville.
200 N. Washington St.
Naperville, Il. 60540  corner of School and Washington

To Know YourSelf Get RID of Who You are NOT!!!

Give yourself a Gift this year!
Want to Know Yourself?
Get Rid of Who you are NOT.

    Searching for the one Pathway that will
easily lead you to your HOPES, DREAMS,
and Purpose in your Life?
You can change the REST of your LIFE
and APPLY these SIMPLE steps at ANYTIME
to all aspects of your LIFE.
*need to set goals?
*Desire to:
*Know what is on your mind?
*make clear decisions?
*have inner PEACE?
*KNOW yourself?
This SIMPLE 5 step
workshop will help you
remove the chaos in your life.
"Cleaning and Organizing your
              Mind's Closet"
this 4-hour workshop will be the
beginning of your new life.
 spec. price $175 (reg. $225)
         call 630-717-9889
for workshop schedule (individual sessions also)
Ruth Stout lmt for over 20 years
Heal-thySelf Wellness and Massage
200 N. Washington St.
Naperville, Il. 60540
Merry Christmas Special 2017

            $10.00 off
any Massage Service
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gift certificates instantly.

or stop by my office.
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Heal-thyself Massage
200 N. Washington St.
Naperville, Il. 60540    
Ruth Stout Lmt (over 25 yrs. service in Naperville )