Sunday, December 7, 2008

A reason for Shoulder Pain : A Rotator Cuff Muscle called the Subscapularis

Trigger Point Therapy and Deep Tissue Massage for shoulder pain.
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The Subscapularis Muscle is a cause for posterior (front) shoulder pain and a lack of motion/movement in the shoulder. It is one of the 4 muscles involved in the rotator cuff muscle group.

There are many contributing factors that are responsible for causing the shoulder pain. Repetitive movements are a big factor for restricted motion in the shoulder. Activities like playing tennis, swimming (the overhead stroke), pitching a baseball, lifting objects over your head and even the continued use of the computer mouse.

You may notice that even simply brushing, combing
or blow drying your hair you may at times have a
feeling of tiredness in your shoulder
and you may have to rest your arm.
Trigger Point(s) may be present in the subscapularis muscle which may cause a referral of pain down the arm in to the wrist area. One cause is the overuse/continued movement of the computer mouse function.
When a muscle is being used or overused a lot of the time a trigger point may develop. You may feel a deep jabbing like aching pain in a particular point in the muscle and when pressure is applied it may at times refer a pain to another area or just be a local trigger point. If there is a referral pain line it will all need to be address. A trigger point is active when it is causing pain.
There are different Therapeutic Massage Therapy approaches to treating and relieving the pain associated with the subscapularis muscle discomfort you are experiencing......

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Leon1234 said...

Good post!

Anonymous said...

Hi Leon, thanks for the feedback. there will be more. Ruth

yolanda said...

what an amazing blog. you've explained this ailments so well! i think i definitly had that foot thing. i went for physio and they told me it was a torn ligament, but there was no swelling. the symptoms completely match what you describe. unfortunately the pain has spread to my knee now.. any tips for how to alleviate the pain?!

once again, great blog! im following it.

peace and love,


Anonymous said...

Hi Yolanda, I am glad the information helped you. There may be some trigger points in the knee area. Gently massage the knee where the discomfort seems to be.. Are there any massage therapist where you live? You may also want to see your doctor. Ruth

Robert said...

This is one of the best posts I have read on this topic, thanks for posting. I just love visiting your blog.