Saturday, January 29, 2011

This little Piggy went to..One big problem.. Morton's Toe

Does this picture look familiar?
With Morton's Toe it appears
that the second toe is longer,
actually it is the Big Toe that
is shorter.
Morton's Toe is a genetic
condition &; not to be confused
with Morton's  Neuroma.

Morton'sNeuroma is a painful condition of entrapped nerves found in the foot.
Wearing shoes that are too tight or too narrow
is thought to be the cause of this condition.
Sometimes placing padding between the toes helps.

There are related trigger points in the
hips,legs & the foot areas.  Such as the Gluteus muscle,Quadriceps, Tibialis Posterior,Flexor Hallucis Brevis.
Massage Therapy is very beneficial for the TRIGGER Points.
This is for information only. As always consult with your DOCTOR.
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